SOTA Magnetic Push Button

Physical Therapies

The Sota Magnetic Pulsator is a pulsed magnetic field generator that is designed to help promote muscle relaxation and general well-being. The equipment features two pulse modes 1) a fast mode that delivers 1,600 pulses during the timed session, with a magnetic field strength of 2,500 Gauss and 2) the original mode that delivers 255 pulses during the 20 minute timed session with a field Magnetic Force of 6,000 Gauss. Quick mode will not penetrate as deeply as regular mode, but it can be very useful in situations where a faster pulse time is needed for faster results. Pressing at a faster speed sets up resonance waves that travel through the body’s liquid environment, blood, lymph, etc. This can help to clear blockages, ratings, toxins, etc. more quickly.

The normal or original mode is good for use in deep-water matters as the 6,000 Gauss magnetic pulse penetrates the entire body. Therefore, this will enter large muscle areas, bones and all other tissues.