Rife Therapy

Physical Therapies

The rife frequencies used as sound wave therapy.

The rife frequencies in their sound form are very effective. They destroy pathogens and are highly recommended in the treatment of various types of malignancy.

For its correct use, it is very important to adapt the patient to the vibration of the waves, that is, from less to more.

This therapy induces sound waves according to certain frequencies in the body to activate and revitalize cells. Rife frequencies go beyond the well-known physical phenomenon of resonance, since the vibration does not stay on the surface but penetrates up to 6 centimeters into the organic tissue. It covers from the surface to the inside of the joints, tendons and bones. In this way the action of sound waves activates the movement of cells, stimulates their regeneration and accelerates the body’s healing process. In summary, rife therapy reactivates the functional activity of those areas of the body that cause pain, as in the case of the joints, muscles, tendons or bones. Every organism is energy, and as such it is an electromagnetic field. In turn, all chemical processes on cells are carried out through electromagnetic frequencies.