Physical Therapies

Biomat technology synergizes three components.

1-Generation Generation of negative ions. Negative ions open ion channels that optimize cellular communication and support all bodily functions in better ionization of the body by alkalizing and purifying the blood, activates the immune system and supplies antioxidants that neutralize free radicals.

2-Far Infrared Light Generation (FIR): FIR helps the nervous system to relax. Radiant heat from FIR and light penetrates 5 to 7 inches into the body, allowing it to act on deep muscles and tissues, while calming nerves, increasing circulation, aiding in detoxification, reducing pain and stress , and balance hormones.

3-Amethyst crystals: Amethyst is a superconducting crystal. That allows far infrared rays to be more sustained, more absorbable, and long-wave for healing. Amethyst is known to increase endurance and stamina, support deep meditation, is helpful for emotional balance, and improves intuition. Amethyst has been shown to support the body’s ability to release addiction and transform positive moods

Applications: Relieves pain, Helps burn calories and control weight, Improves pain and joint stiffness, Reduces stress and fatigue, promotes metabolism and skin circulation, Alkalinizes, Purifies Blood and Activates