Manual Therapies

In order to understand how Reflexology works we must understand that “The whole is represented in its parts”, that is, that within our body there are small parts where our whole organism is reflected and through the stimulation of these parts we act reflexively in the different parts of our body balancing its energy state and bringing health to it.

Within these microsystems we can mention:

The auricular pavilion



The feet

The techniques used to treat the different areas are called:

Auriculotherapy uses the auricle as a reflex area of ​​the whole body to treat different pathologies, through the placement of cow seeds, or the placement of small needles or simply with a massage in the auricle.

Foot Reflexology and Manual Reflexology are massage techniques that are applied to the feet and hands, where all body structures, all organic, bone and glandular structures are anatomically represented; and through the stimulation of the reflex points with massages, pressures, rubs and kneading, the aim is to restore health to the patient, release energetic and emotional blockages, stimulate blood and nervous circulation, and induce bodily relaxation of the entire organism.

The face is also represented by the different body areas and through facial reflexology or also known as facial therapy different pathologies are treated. This is a little used technique.