Chinese medicine

Moxibustion is a therapeutic method of traditional Chinese medicine that consists of applying heat by stimulating a series of points on the body –which usually coincide with acupuncture points– in order to heal disorders or diseases and achieve a balance of physiological functions.

The word “moxibustion” refers to the term “cauterize”, that is, “burn on a surface with a previously heated material”. The heat is produced using the therapeutic properties of the root of the Artemis plant, which is pressed in the form of a cigar or ground into powder to burn it and which is called ‘moxa’.

This therapy aims to rebalance the body’s energy based on channel theory. According to this concept, the body works as a network system where blood and energy flow, intercommunicating each part of the body, as well as the outer and inner areas. Due to multiple factors, both external (such as cold or heat) and emotional, these energies become unbalanced and excesses or deficiencies are created in certain points or areas. This energy mismatch is considered the origin of numerous diseases and ailments. Moxibustion seeks to make that energy flow again, harmonizing the energy-blood circulation again. Along this route there are a series of points, on which the heat is applied, which are used as working tools to restore balance.

Moxibustion is used in many cases combined with acupuncture, since both techniques are not only complementary and compatible, but can enhance its healing effect. The same points are usually used for this therapy as in acupuncture, since the two therapeutic methods obey the same medical tradition and respond to the same energy channels.