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Avantari SAC offers an exclusive line of diagnostic and therapeutic products and services with a high degree of comprehensiveness and complexity, applying different procedures, techniques, equipment and approaches to Integrated Medicine with a high degree of scientific evidence and cognition in the main orientations of Medicine. In our office, a work methodology has been developed that continuously evaluates, monitors and adjusts the coherence of complex integrated biophysical systems, with an approach based on human individuality to achieve rational, personalized and precision medicine.

These technologies are completely safe, they are integrated and complemented with the clinical study of each patient, which is evaluated with a multidisciplinary approach and subsequently proposes a community of therapies that adjust to the patient’s condition.

One way of sharing and systematizing the efficacy of our approach with therapies and their novel associations is through participation in multicenter clinical studies with working groups of scientific institutions, universities and clinics at different levels of the Health System at national and international level. . In this way, clinical investigations are carried out where the Good Clinical Practices (PCB) methodology is applied, guaranteeing the ethics, safety and effectiveness of our procedures.

Therapeutic Modalities can be classified into: Physical and Electromagnetic Resonance Therapies, Manual Therapies and Procedures of Traditional Asian Medicine, Phytotherapies, Diet Therapies among other modalities that are more convenient to the patient. The synergistic association between various therapies is very common and is usually proposed when seeking to increase the efficacy and speed of the results.

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