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Privacy policies

Security Statement

The information received will be handled absolutely confidentially and in accordance with the laws in force in Peru.

Commitment to Safety

Avantari and Avantari.pe make this security and privacy statement in order to demonstrate and communicate their commitment to a business practice with a high ethical level and with the appropriate controls.

Links to other websites

Avantari.pe may contain links to other websites, which does not indicate that they are owned or operated by Avantari. Therefore, it will not be responsible for the contents, materials, actions and / or services provided by them, nor for damages or losses caused by their use. The presence of links to other websites does not imply a partnership, relationship, approval or endorsement of Avantari. to these pages and their contents.

Personal information

Law 29733 – Personal Data Protection Law, its Regulation, approved by Supreme Decree 003-2013-JUS, and its complementary and modifying norms, hereinafter “LPDP Norms”.

Avantari and Avantari.pe, hereinafter the “COMPANY” makes public its commitment to the treatment of personal data, its purpose for which it is made, as well as the exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition provided in the LPDP STANDARD.

THE COMPANY, with fiscal address: Av. Iquitos 619 – La Victoria, Lima – Peru; is the owner, owner and person in charge of the data banks that store personal data collected from its clients, potential clients, suppliers, collaborators and the contacts of any of them, in addition to another interested party, hereinafter USERS, who are the holders of their data personal.

The COMPANY accesses personal data physically, in person, electronically, instant messages, WhatsApp or similar or through sources accessible to the public or from third parties and / or the company that consults the database, provided that these sources have their consent to process and transfer your personal data.

The personal data stored is identifying, personal, economic and financial, social, and sensitive. These are: names and surnames, identity document, telephone, email, address, images, signatures, marital status, nationality, data of beneficiaries, tax information, patrimonial assets, fingerprint, economic income, occupational exams, video of access to facilities, among others required according to the commercial operation, human management, contracting suppliers or care of any other commercial nature and / or current Peruvian regulations.

The COMPANY guarantees the necessary security measures to maintain confidentiality in the treatment of personal data. Implementing the technical, organizational and legal measures that are within your reach and avoid alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access to them. However, the COMPANY disclaims its responsibility for the consequences generated by events of fortuitous event or force majeure, cybercrime, dishonesty, criminal offenses; These are caused by third parties, suppliers or collaborators.

USERS permanently authorize and grant their free, prior, express and unequivocal and informed consent to collect, preserve, modify, delete, extract, consult, use, transfer, export, store for statistical and / or historical purposes, to give fulfillment of the purposes detailed below:

1. Clients

The personal data collected is used to provide a response to a product and / or service inquiry, to deliver them, to comply with current regulations, statistical and historical data purposes, monetary obligations and identification of your contacts related to the purchase or acquisition of services, evaluations of capital solvency and / or evaluation of their ability to pay and others related to commercial need.

2. Potential clients

The personal data collected is used to respond to a commercial inquiry, profile analysis, marketing activities, management of associated contacts or evaluation of your ability to pay and others related to commercial need.

3. Potential suppliers, suppliers and their contacts

Personal data is used for the collection and storage for the purposes of complying with the policies regarding the selection and contracting of suppliers and third parties, sending of documents related to the commercial relationship, or any other related to Occupational Safety and Health, as well as the prevention of labor risks, economic and accounting management of supplier, provision of capital solvency and credit services, fulfillment of monetary obligations, analysis of profiles, statistical, historical or scientific purposes, management of list of associates and provision of services of communication and telecommunications.


4. Applicants

The personal data collected is used for the recruitment and selection of personnel, which includes: psychological evaluations, and academic information. If you stay in the selected shortlist, it will include: occupational medical exams, criminal records, police records, judicial records, details of your beneficiaries and home checks.

5. Collaborators

The personal data collected is used to verify that the information provided is true and up-to-date, psychological evaluations, work or academic performance, legal procedures, economic and health situation, credit and / or patrimonial history, social welfare, events of integration, advertising campaigns for me and my beneficiaries, for compliance with current Peruvian regulations or other activity that allows responding to the COMPANY’s own activities.


6. Claims

Personal data is exclusively for the attention and response to complaints, claims and suggestions made by any USER.

7. Security-Video Surveillance

The personal data collected is used in order to guarantee security within and around the facilities.

USERS declare that they have been informed that if they do not grant this consent, their information will only be stored for the execution of the operation and compliance with the contractual operation and / or compliance with current laws.

The COMPANY undertakes to communicate to the Owner of the database the necessary, pertinent or adequate modifications for the purpose for which they were collected: transfer of personal data, anonymization and / or dissociation agreements, updating of policies or other document through https://avantari.com/politicas-de-privacidad/ so that USERS are informed.



The COMPANY may transfer within the Peruvian territory and by any means the personal data for the purposes indicated above to public entities, empowered by current Peruvian law.